Follow these requirements to ensure your system complies with our regulations. This will help minimise any delays in approving your design. 

1. The designs comply with the legal point of discharge requirements. 

2. The building envelope matches the plans approved in the Planning Permit or Building Permit. 

3. All existing and proposed trees, and associated protection zones (TPZ) are clearly shown. 

4. All easements are clearly shown.

5. The levels of all existing services within or near to the site, including the approved point of discharge, have been proven by a site survey. 

6. The required storage volume and permissible discharge rate have been calculated from the proposed dwellings design and confirmed by Council’s drainage team. 

7. The design is consistent with AS/NZS 3500.3.2015 section 7.10, specifically:

  • 7.10.1(a): Overflows can harmlessly escape
  • 7.10.1(b): Ponding and overflow levels are below floor levels
  • 7.10.2(a): Fixture of orifice plate
  • 7.10.2(b): Inspection openings and debris control 
  • 7.10.2(c): Access requirements 
  • 7.10.2(d): Compliance with AS 2865 for mesh type and positioning 

8. The proposed control pit is as per Council Standard drawing SD999

9. Above ground water tanks are not used for OSD storage

10. Disposal of groundwater from a basement or excavation works more than 1.2 m  in height are not discharged to laneways or kerbs and channels. 

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