Coronavirus update 13 March 2020

Stage 4 restrictions: what's closed and what's open.

Organising to deliver

A coordinated approach to strategic delivery

A range of roles and responsibilities have been identified to support the successful implementation of the Customer Experience Improvement Strategy across the 6 objectives.

All Council staff
The success of the Customer Experience Improvement Strategy will depend on all Council staff being empowered and taking ownership of what they can contribute, as well as in being conscious and proactive in how they embody the CEIS values, culture and objectives.

CEIS Champion
Chairs and helps set direction with the CEIS Working Group, is the change authority and strategic sponsor for the Strategy.

Dedicated CEIS oversight
To support the Champion, a dedicated resource may be assigned to drive and manage the implementation and support of the Knowledge champion.

CEIS Strategic Leads 
Drive and oversee the implementation of strategic initiatives within their stream, across the organisation.
One lead each from Online Services team, Channel strategy team, Customer engagement team, Customer interaction team, Reporting and evaluation team, and Process improvement team. Each team will engage with one another within a culture of collaboration, innovation and evolution, driven by customer-centric design.

CEIS Working Group
CEIS Champion, Strategic Leads plus invitees
Drives and reports on the progress of CEIS strategic objectives, as well as ensuring their alignment.

External expertise
Council may also benefit from bringing in external expertise to support the development and implementation of key initiatives for which it does not have the capability or capacity.