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Library membership is free and open to all Victorian residents.

Join the library

You can the join the library in person at any branch with formal identification and proof of your current residential address.

You can also join online to access digital collections and provide formal identification when you visit the library to pick up your membership card. You can find out all the different items we have available on our Collections page.

Join the library

Identification for library membership

We accept the following cards and documents as identification:

  • driver licence or certified copy of driver licence
  • car registration
  • proof of age card
  • Council rate notice
  • formal rental agreement
  • Health Benefits card or certified copy of Health Benefits card
  • Department of Social Security card or certified copy of Social Security card
  • bank or credit card statement (digital copies also accepted)
  • gas, water, phone or electricity bill (digital copies also accepted)
  • any formal letter from a federal, state or local government authority
  • any formal letter from an educational institution such as TAFE or university
  • payslip (digital copies also accepted).


You don’t have to live in the City of Boroondara to become a member, but you do need a Victorian residential address. Temporary visitors to the area may join for a limited period.

Children under 18 need a parent or legal guardian to sign their membership card.

Membership number and PIN

Your 'membership number' (borrower ID) is the 14-digit number on the back of your membership card, below the barcode.

Your PIN is your date of birth in the DDMMYY format. For example, if you were born on 8 September 1956, your 6-digit PIN is 080956.

Once you're a member, you'll be able to use your membership number and PIN to:

You can ask one of our librarians to change your membership number to a username or email address, and your PIN to a password.

Reset your password

If you need to reset your password, you can do so by selecting your button below and providing either:

  • Your 'membership number' (borrower ID) and surname
  • Your email address, first name, and surname

Reset your password

Library email notifications

As a member, you can register to receive an email when:

  • items are due back soon or are overdue
  • items you have reserved are available for collection
  • new items are added to the library catalogue
  • you borrow items and want an electronic copy of the receipt (issue slip).

Receive an alert when items are due soon or ready to collect

  1. Log into your library account and select 'Personal details'. 
  2. Add your email address to the Contact Details section.
  3. In the Other Details section, select 'Receive library notices via email'. Then choose how long before the due date you would like a reminder.
  4. Select 'Update' to save your changes.

Receive alerts when new items are added to the catalogue

  1. Log into your library account and select 'New Alert Profile'.
  2. Create your alert profile by adding search keywords. Then test your search to see if it provides what you want.
  3. Set your alert frequency and add a description of your alert.
  4. Select 'Save'.

Receive an email copy of your loan receipt

To receive issue slips by email, call Boroondara Library Service on (03) 9278 4666 or speak to staff at the library. The staff member will set up the email notification.

Replace or reactivate a library card

If you have lost your library card, let us know by coming into the library or calling us on (03) 9278 4666. To get a new card, you will need to show current ID and pay a fee of $6.30.

Library cards expire after 2 years. Please come into the library and speak to a librarian to reactivate your card on the spot.

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