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Tue 28 July 2020
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Each of the works in the exhibition either has a relationship to trees their form or some of the patterns that they make but also different ways they've been articulated and how they've been made to represent images and works of art.

My name is Kylie Stillman and I'm an artist. I'm best known for cutting negative spaces into books.

My first creative memories are from making garments and learning to sew. My mother taught me to sew from a young age. It was interesting to me to see how flat forms could be cut and sewn together to make three-dimensional spaces.

This artwork is called Park Views. It's four venetian blinds that have been hand laced.
The inspiration for the work was to create an artificial view thousands and thousands of holes into the blinds that lets light, coming in to give an idea of a view that may or may not be there.

When putting the works together and when thinking about the new works to make there was this ongoing theme between trees and mark making. It's really lovely to select earlier works and to look at some new works. So start to see common themes and ways of bringing them together for an audience.

Leaf Margins is a hand-stitched work on paper for this I've taken the leaf veins and when the leaf veins reach the leaf margin they then extend to the edge of the page margin for taking the organic form of the veins and then making it a constructed form of the page.

When working large and working with thread and paper it's really difficult to keep things flat and uncreased. It's a labor-intensive process but it's an enjoyable process as well.

This new artwork that I've created for the exhibition is called Verso.

It was made out of books that were given to me by the local library they've been weeded from their collection so they're unwanted books. Each of the books are put into stacks and then individually worked on. I use a scalpel and I hand cut each page to create the form of these absent birds.

I hope the audience takes away an idea of the many ways that trees can be represented and the ways that different marks could be made to use these images and to use these ways of making artworks.