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Coronavirus update 13 March 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance and support.

Impact of inaction

What if we don't change?

The successful implementation of the future Strategy will deliver tangible benefits and outcomes in terms of enhanced customer experiences and satisfaction, as well as having benefits for Council’s own operations.

Our online information and services

If we don’t shift...Our customers will continue to find the information and services we offer online difficult to navigate, complex and limited in usefulness. We will not be able to offer as much choice and convenience, and will continue to rely more heavily on higher-cost service delivery channels.

Our customer channels

If we don’t shift...Our customers will not have the best awareness of our services and information, and interact with us in the ways that they most prefer. They may not trust our information and may perceive us as not keeping pace with modern interaction channels.

Our customer communications

If we don’t shift...Our customers will feel that we don’t speak to them in their language and communicate openly and proactively on matters that are important to them. They may not understand our services and information clearly enough to feel empowered to act for themselves.

Our customer interactions

If we don’t shift...We will continue to deliver a service experience that is fragmented and frustrating for our customers and staff. We will continue to pass customers around, duplicate effort, and be unable to truly share and leverage information that would support a holistic approach.

A culture of evaluation

If we don’t shift...We will continue to have a fragmented, non-strategic approach to Council performance improvement that is focussed more on measuring and reporting, and less on analysis and design, which enables continuous positive change.

Our customer processes

If we don’t shift...We will be unable to offer our customers, and support our staff with, a clearer, simpler and therefore more efficient experience of achieving their goals with us. We will not be able to build the platforms and processes on which to base our future growth.