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Coronavirus update 13 March 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance and support.


Applying continuous improvement

To support the implementation of the future Strategy, we propose the following framework for continual evaluation and improvement, and the maintenance of successes.

  1. Define
    What is it that we need to improve? Why?
    What is the outcome we are trying to achieve?
    How will we know if we are successful?
  2. Learn
    What is our customer's experience?
    What is the data telling us?
    What have we learnt in the past?
  3. Ideate
    What ideas do we have?
    How ill it work?
    Which is the best way to take this idea forward?
  4. Build
    How can we prototype our concepts?
    What is the most cost effective way to test our concepts?
    How ill they be deployed?
  5. Test and Measure
    How can we measure if we have been successful?
    What are the key criteria to measure?
    What will we do with the data once we have it?
    How does this impact the next cycle of improvement?
  6. Ask, "Did it work?"

    If yes ⇒  Maintain
    If it successful, how can we ensure it is maintained?
    Who is going to maintain the improvement?
    When should it be measured again?

    If no ⇒  Go back to Define (Step 1) and start again.