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Coronavirus update 13 March 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance and support.

End state

What will the future strategy deliver?

The future strategy will deliver the following support for the implementation of an improved customer experience:

Increased service availability

A shift towards better and more online information and services will empower customers to manage their interactions with Council in line with modern service expectations, improving customer choice and convenience. Online availability of services should also increase accessibility and reliability.

A whole-of-customer view

An individual, whole-person customer experience will deliver more personalised and seamless customer experiences. All interactions with a single customer are managed together, delivered through the implementation of a customer relationship management system and other service improvements.

Aligned and improved channels

Council can make better use of available customer channels by aligning them through a whole-of-organisation Channel Strategy, a holistic view of Council channels and supporting policies and processes. Customer channels will be linked to strategic outcomes in a way that is well-defined and deliberate.

A skilled, empowered workforce

A knowledgeable, passionate workforce supported by resourcing and tools, to deliver accurate, personalised information and services across Council’s current functions quickly and with minimal referrals to other business areas and/or double-handling. Capability is actively developed in desired areas.

Improved communication

Simplified, quality-assured plain language information products, forms, instructions and correspondence designed for customers, delivered consistently and accessibly through Council’s improved channels. This would include clarification of Council’s role, what it can and can’t do, why, and the outcomes of all interactions.

Efficiency of effort and resources

Providing and guiding customers towards more cost-effective online and self-service options, clearer information and simpler processes will offer a more efficient customer experience and frees up Council resources that can be applied to other customer experience improvement initiatives as desired.

Feedback and data better harnessed

Stronger data gathering, sharing and evaluation will enable a more personalised experience for customers and will reduce repetition and double-handling for both customers and staff. Robust data gathering and quality maintenance will also support better anticipation of customer needs and service adaptations.

Clearer, simpler processes

Clearer information, simpler processes and better decision-making mechanisms will empower staff and customers to interact and achieve their aims more easily. These processes and practices should be consistent across Council and changes will be made with the customer and their experience front of mind.