We support and encourage the development of Men's Sheds in Boroondara by providing advice, referrals, information on funding and brokering partnerships.

If you are interested in starting a Men's shed, there are 2 stages in the process.

Stage 1

The first stage in the process is to organise a meeting with us so we can:

  • discuss your target group and proposed activities
  • provide advice on the areas of greatest need (currently Balwyn, Balwyn North and Deepdene)
  • connect you with organisations that already run Men’s Sheds to discuss opportunities for adding new members or setting up a partnership to establish a new shed
  • help you identify sources of financial support
  • help you find volunteers through the Boroondara Volunteer Resource Centre.

If you're interested in setting up a Men's Shed or would like more information, contact Council.

Stage 2

If you want to set up a Men's Shed on Council land or buildings, then you'll need to be able to demonstrate:

  • support from members for a Men’s Shed
  • a willingness to set up in an area identified as high need
  • plans to include men with disabilities and those who are isolated, unemployed and from culturally diverse backgrounds
  • the capacity to secure funding
  • the ability to secure insurance through the Australian Men’s Shed Association.

This information forms part of a business case or proposal, which shows your contribution to the project. We can help you develop this.

For more information, see our Men's Shed Strategic Framework.


Several sources of funding may be available for setting up and/or running a Men's Shed, including:

  • The Victorian Government provides ongoing funding of $1 million per year - see the Victorian Government's Men’s Sheds Program.
  • The Australian Men's Shed Association administers an Australian Government grants program and provides important information to help groups establish and run Men's Sheds.
  • Men's Sheds organisations are eligible to apply for a Community Grant to support activities such as purchasing materials or funding a special program.
  • For buildings that are owned by Council, we may consider helping with building or retrofitting an existing shed.

We also encourage applicants to source funding for a Men's Shed coordinator from partners, and philanthropic and service organisations.

The results of our 2014 survey on Men’s Sheds may be useful for organisations looking to establish their own. View Men's Shed Survey 2014 Results.

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