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Boroondara Volunteer Skills Bank

If you’re looking to use your professional skills in a voluntary role and make a difference to a local community organisation, the Skills Bank is the best place to be.

Simply register your details, with the skills you are interested in using, and we’ll send you a regular email alert of skilled volunteer opportunities.

Register for the Skills Bank

When you register, you may choose to add a profile of your skills, interests, and experience that we can promote to community organisations. Based on the information you provide, an organisation may have or be able to create a short-term project that aligns with your skills.

About the Boroondara Volunteer Skills Bank

The bank makes it easy for skilled professionals to make a positive impact, by connecting people with particular skills to projects and Board or Committee roles within community organisations that require those skills.

Whatever your professional background or field of study, you’ll find flexible and short-term opportunities near you. Examples include:

  • being on a board or committee of a community organisation in Boroondara 
  • mentoring community organisation leaders or managers 
  • developing a marketing or branding strategy
  • developing human resources policies and procedures
  • managing social media platforms
  • building a website
  • taking photos or developing a video
  • organising an event
  • reviewing human resources policies
  • designing a flyer or report
  • setting up accounting systems.

Once you’ve signed up, you will receive a monthly email of skilled volunteer projects and Board or Committee roles with community organisations.

Register for the Skills Bank

For community organisations wanting to take advantage of the opportunity provided by the Boroondara Volunteer Skills Bank, learn how to find skilled volunteers.

Meet some of the volunteers in our Skills Bank

Since the launch of the Volunteer Skills Bank, Boroondara’s volunteer workforce has seen some new faces. 

Meet David Lanigan (right) and a few other skilled volunteers offering their professional expertise to local community organisations as part of the Boroondara Volunteer Skills Bank.

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