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If a child has additional needs, they may be eligible to receive help from a Preschool Field Officer.

Preschool Field Officers

A Preschool Field Officer (PSFO) is an experienced early childhood educator. They have time to observe a child’s interests, interactions and skills in the kindergarten setting. This occurs without the child or any others being aware that they are being assisted.

Strategies and resources are then shared with the child’s educator to assist the child’s participation in the kinder group and support the child’s skill development.

Eligibility for the Preschool Field Officers service

This free service is available to families and teachers of children attending funded 4-year-old kinder.

For children in 3-year-old kindergarten (or equivalent in a childcare centre), access to this service is from term 4 in order to ready their transition to the funded kindergarten year. Children accessing Early Start funding are eligible throughout 3-year-old kinder.

Parents and caregivers can request the support of the Preschool Field Officer through speaking with the child’s educator or contacting a Preschool Field Officer directly.

Kindergartens can make a referral to the service using our preschool field officer referral form.

Who benefits from our service

A child could benefit from the service if they have difficulty:

  • coping with separation
  • adjusting to a new language or culture
  • joining in large groups
  • feeling confidence in less familiar settings
  • toileting, dressing, eating, sleeping
  • concentrating during learning
  • managing their behaviour
  • talking, listening or following directions
  • playing with others and general social skills
  • transitioning from kinder to school

More information

The Preschool Field Officers can be contacted by:

Please note that without a written referral we cannot undertake individual observation and support of children.

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