Every child is entitled to an early childhood education, regardless of ability.

Support is available for funded kindergartens to provide programs that are responsive to the individual abilities, interests and needs of children with a disability, developmental delay, high support needs, or complex medical needs.

If you are applying through the central enrolment scheme you will be asked for details of your child's needs and supporting documentation from medical or healthcare professionals when you submit your application online.

This information allows us to give your application a higher priority when we allocate kindergarten places. We also pass it on to the kindergarten once you have accepted a place. This helps the kindergarten prepare the appropriate supports for your child.

Talk to your child's teacher before kindergarten begins so you can start to work together on how to meet the needs of your child. You should also do this if you are applying to kindergartens that are not part of the central enrolment scheme. 

Preschool Field Officers 

The Preschool Field Officer (PSFO) Program provides support to kindergarten teachers, educators and families to guide the inclusion of all children in kindergarten.

These officers are early childhood educators with experience delivering high quality inclusive kindergarten programs. They work with kindergarten teachers to identify children's learning needs and support the teacher to provide an inclusive kindergarten program.

Preschool Field Officers also provide advice and support in relation to development, school readiness and behaviour.

To speak to a Preschool Field Officer and learn more about the support they offer, email [email protected] or call 9278 4014

Kindergartens or families can make a referral to the service using our preschool field officer referral form.

Note: Preschool Field Officers cannot provide individual observation or support for your child without a written referral from their kindergarten.

Kindergarten Inclusion Support

Kindergartens can apply for extra support to help them provide the right environment for children with additional needs.

An inclusive kindergarten is one where your child is supported to develop secure relationships, which encourages them to learn and actively participate in the group and can develop a strong sense of self, friendships with others in the group and a sense of belonging to the group and the broader community.

Visit the Department of Education and Training website for more information about the Kindergarten Inclusion Support program for kindergartens.

Support for children with additional needs

Local services, resources and activities.
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