• We recommend you talk to us before starting a beauty business.
  • All businesses providing beauty services must be registered with Council before trading.
  • Hairdressing and make-up business require a one-off registration. For all other services, an annual registration fee applies.

The Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 requires premises to be registered with Council, and to ensure infectious diseases are not transmitted to customers. 

If you operate any of the following businesses, you are required to comply with these regulations for maintaining a clean and safe business:

  • ear/body piercing and skin penetration including dry needling
  • hairdressing and wigs
  • tattooing including cosmetic tattoos and Henna
  • manicure/pedicure and any nail treatment or dressing
  • threading
  • waxing
  • dermabrasion
  • facials
  • electrolysis/Laser treatment
  • footspa
  • make-up and spray tan
  • Hotel/Motel/Hostel
  • Rooming House
  • Student Accommodation
  • Prescribed Accommodation.

Once your business is registered, you need to renew your registration and pay a registration fee every year.

Council sends an Application for Renewal of Registration to all registered businesses.

Start a new health and beauty business

Step 1: Submit the initial registration application form

If you are thinking of starting a new health business we suggest apply to establish a health and beauty premise along with detailed floor plans identifying fixtures; fittings, finishes and details of all services provided by the business.

Apply to establish a health and beauty premise-external site

The plans will be assessed by an Environmental Health Officer to determine whether the plans meet the relevant Public Health and Wellbeing legislation.

For more information on structural standards in hair and beauty premises, download the:

  • Start a New Health and Beauty Business guidelines
  • Infection prevention and control guidelines for hair, beauty, tattooing and skin penetration industries.

For more information on structural standards in accommodation premises:

Step 2: Fit out your business

Once your plans have been assessed and approved you can fit out your business knowing you are meeting all requirements.

It is recommended you contact Yarra Valley Water to find out your sewerage and waste water requirements, and other utility providers (gas and electricity) to confirm that you meet their codes and standards.

Step 3: Arrange an onsite inspection

After your health premises fit out is complete, you can book a final inspection at least 1 week prior to opening.

An environmental health officer will inspect your premises to make sure you have met all the regulations.

Step 4: Register your business

Once we’ve done the final inspection and you’ve met all the requirements, we’ll give you an Application for Registration form to complete and submit with the prescribed fee.

We'll assess your application and let you know if it is successful.

If your application is successful, you'll receive a Certificate of Registration at the initial inspection within 1 month of being approved to operate.

We'll also let you know if we need more information.

Hair and makeup only 

If you operate a hairdresser/makeup only business, you will only need to register once and you will not receive an annual registration. If your services change, you are required to contact Council and discuss the change, which may require an annual registration.


Acupuncturists that are registered with the Chinese Medical Board are exempt from registering with their local council.

Mobile hair and beauty businesses

Low-risk procedures such as hairdressing, hairstyling, manicures/pedicures and make-up procedures can be conducted in the client’s home or other settings (for example, a hotel, hostel, day care centre or nursing home) if the operator is registered with the local government within which they reside.

Existing beauty businesses

If you're purchasing an existing beauty business, you'll still need to register it with Council.

More information

If you are planning to open a health or beauty business, phone City of Boroondara at (03) 9278 4444 for advice or email [email protected].

Get help with your business permits

Talk to our Business Support Service.

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