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Your shopfront is the first interaction with your potential customer and therefore should be given constant love and attention.

Council provides a range of support to help you create windows that sell.

Example of visual merchandising in Auburn© Image provided by Economic Development. They have been granted permission to publish it.

A Free Mini Guide to Visual Merchandising

Contact the Economic Development Team to obtain your free copy of a comprehensive mini guide to Visual Merchandising which includes user friendly tips and tricks including:

  • how to create a welcoming shopfront
  • window displays that sell
  • display techniques
  • creating a multi-sensory environment
  • lighting
  • visual merchandiser's toolbox
  • keys for success.

Host a visual merchandising training session

We offer visual merchandising training sessions on demand.  If you have a venue in your shopping centre that could accommodate 8-10 people for a visual merchandising training session, we’ll come to you. For details, call 9278 4081.

If you are an individual business owner, call 9278 4081 and we will aim to link you into a visual merchandising training session.

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