Council rates are a contribution from property owners towards maintaining Council infrastructure, such as roads, drains, libraries and parks, and delivering community services, as well as the costs of running Council.

To find out more about how your rates are spent, see Council budget.

How rates are spent

The table below shows how your rates will be spent in 2018-19.

For every $100 of expenditure, Council delivers the following services:

Capital works and priority projects


Environment and waste management


Health, aged, community and family services


Parks, gardens and sportsgrounds


Library, arts and cultural services


Planning and building


Roads, footpaths, safety and drainage


Local laws enforcement


Engineering and traffic


Communications and customer service


Rates and property services


Leisure and recreation and civic centres*


Economic development


*The figures include an allocation of corporate services, governance, risk management, building maintenance and public lighting across these service areas.

* Excludes operating expenditure for five externally managed recreation centres.

How rates are calculated

How much you pay for rates depends on the value of your property.

We conduct valuations of all properties every 2 years and calculate rates according to the value of each property. This is required by state legislation and allows us to determine the rates and charges for individual properties.

This valuation doesn't increase or decrease revenue for Council, but is used to make sure that rates' amounts remain fair over time and reflect property values.

We set the rate in the dollar you are charged by working out how much we need to fund our services (required expenditure), minus any other revenue we receive.

  • Required rate revenue equals required expenditure minus other revenue.
  • Rate in the dollar equals required rate revenue divided by total rateable property valuation.
  • Household rate equals rate in the dollar multiplied by the value of your property.

Waste services charge

We set the waste services charge on your rates notice to cover the costs of waste services, including collecting your bins.

This charge also includes the Victorian Government’s charge of $62.03 per tonne of waste to landfill, which currently costs ratepayers in the City of Boroondara more than $2.4 million per year.

Fire Services Property Levy

We collect the Fire Services Property Levy on your rates notice on behalf of the Victorian Government to fund the Metropolitan Fire Brigade and the Country Fire Authority.

The Fire Services Levy is not subject to rate capping and the amount is determined by the Victorian Government.

For more information, see Fire Services Property Levy.

Change your address

It's important that you let us know as soon as possible when you change your address. This helps us to make sure your rates notice is correct and delivered to the right address and person.

It's important to note that when property ownership changes, the liability for rates payment remains with the owner until we are notified of the change (after a property is settled, the purchaser's conveyancer sends Council a Notice of Disposition to let us know the property has changed hands).

Change your address

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