Council rates go towards the cost of maintaining our local assets and infrastructure, and delivering high-quality services for the community.

The table below shows how your rates will be spent in 2020-21.

For every $100 of expenditure, Council delivers the following services:

Services Amount in every $100 of expenditure
Capital works and priority projects $39.83 
Environment and waste management $12.45
Health, aged community and family services $10.09
Parks, gardens and sports grounds $8.99
Library, arts and cultural services $6.02
Planning and building $4.98
Local laws enforcement $4.62
Roads, footpaths, safety and drainage $3.89
Communications and customer service $3.35
Engineering and traffic management $2.09
Rates and property services $1.59
Leisure, recreation and civic centres* $1.58
Economic development $0.52

The figure includes an allocation of corporate services, governance, risk management, building maintenance and public lighting across these service areas

*Excludes operating expenditure for five externally managed recreation centres.

To find out more about how your rates are spent, see the 2020-21 Council Budget. 
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