These steps outline the process we will take together with our community for each placemaking project.

  1. Understanding: We will undertake background research and analysis to develop a comprehensive understanding about a particular place.
  2. Imagining: We will engage with our community to learn about what they think makes a place unique, what improvements could be made and how it may evolve in the future. 
  3. Prioritising: We will work with our community to prioritise their ideas - what is at the top of their list and what could be implemented in time. These ideas will be solidified into a shared vision for a place.
  4. Planning: This shared vision will form part of a Place Plan that will identify key areas and actions for improvement, whether they are big or small, long term or short term. We will consult with our community to ensure we have captured their specific needs and aspirations in the Place Plan prior to its adoption.
  5. Transforming: Working with our community and key partners, we will begin the process of bringing the vision for a local place to life. This process could involve upgrading infrastructure or implementing activations such as events, installations and programs.