We are delivering what is important to you. This is a major project of the Council Budget 2020-21.

The Kew Recreation Centre is undergoing a major redevelopment to transform into a modern facility that is suitable for all ages, abilities, and caters to a wide range of health and wellbeing needs.



Construction is currently on track to be completed by mid-2023. Watch the latest update from our builder

About the design

This new purpose-built facility will provide our community with modern fitness and aquatic facilities to be enjoyed by all ages and abilities. 

The previous facility was in poor condition and no longer met the community’s expectations or catered for future demographic growth. 

Our new centre will help our community improve or maintain health and wellbeing, play team sports, connect with others and meet specialised health needs.

The Kew Recreation Centre redevelopment is supported by the Victorian Government.

Watch the 3D fly-through of our final design.

Features of the new centre

Our new Kew Recreation Centre includes:

  • a dedicated learn-to-swim pool for swimming lessons 
  • a secluded warm water pool for gentle exercise and rehabilitation
  • an aqua play area for young people to play and explore
  • an onsite childcare with outdoor play area 
  • bigger change rooms that cater for individuals, groups and families
  • 2 indoor sports courts providing much needed space for a range of local participants
  • allied health suites to support your health and wellness goals
  • divided health and fitness areas for both ‘noisy’ and ‘quiet’ group exercise classes
  • landscaped forecourt and café to meet, gather and socialise
  • increased parking onsite 
  • a party room.

Accessibility features

The new centre will be more accessible to people of all abilities and includes: 

  • a dedicated office and activity space for Boroondara Stroke Support Group
  • larger change rooms that can cater for families and school groups
  • more car parking options, including accessible parking and wider spaces for prams 
  • stair and lift access from the undercover car park
  • a fully accessible spa via ramp access
  • a sensory room to suit families with a range of needs and abilities.

Sustainability features

The new centre has a number of environmental sustainable design elements, including:

  • 500 KW solar panel system 
  • high-performance insulation, glazing and air-tightness to reduce energy consumption
  • storage of the pool waste water to be re-used for toilet flushing
  • water-efficient fittings and fixtures
  • rainwater harvesting to be re-used for landscape irrigation.

Community consultation

We have worked closely with our community to develop a modern facility that includes the latest fitness and aquatic facilities for all ages and abilities. 

Each space, including the accessibility and design features, has been determined based on community feedback across 3 stages of consultation to ensure we meet the needs of our users.  

As a result, we are delighted to be delivering a fun and engaging space that caters to a wide range of health and wellbeing needs for our community.

What we heard 

There were a number of key topics and themes that arose during consultation, including:


We heard a lot of feedback about the desire for more water spaces for different activities, such as warm water exercise and rehabilitation, swimming lessons and children’s play areas in addition to lap swimming. 

Due to space limitations, we prioritised providing these programmable spaces that can be used concurrently and a 25m lap pool over providing a 50m lap pool. Across our other Leisure and Aquatic Facilities, we already have a 50m outdoor pool at the Hawthorn Leisure and Aquatic Centre (2km away) and at the Boroondara Sports Complex (4km away). With reciprocal rights, members can access these facilities too. 


During consultation we heard how much our community valued the sauna facility. So, in addition to a bigger and better sauna within the new design, we have added a new sauna facility to the Hawthorn Aquatic and Leisure Centre too.

Aqua play

The majority of our community rated the inclusion of a designated aqua play area as a high priority during consultation. A colourful concept design was presented to the community in June 2021 and was positively received, with almost 65% rating the design a 4 or 5 out of 5. Children from local schools and kindergartens were fond of the jellyfish water-spray feature, so we have added this extra feature to the final design.  

Many older children told us how much they loved the previous big slide, so we have made sure the new one remains a key feature in the overall design. The new slide is similar in size to the old slide – approximately 70cm lower in height but 4m longer in length. 

We also heard feedback that some people would have preferred the slide to end in a pool. Whilst the old slide did land in a plunge pool, this is no longer best practice for a number of reasons relating to safety and construction. We are confident that the new slide will be just as fun!

Kew Rec Centre Final Aqua Play Design


You told us how valuable a childcare facility is, so this service remains along with a new outdoor play area to support families’ health and wellbeing needs. 


Improved and accessible underground car parking was added to increase the capacity for the centre. Additional bicycle parking has also been added. 

Construction update 

View the August 2021 progress update from our appointed builder, ADCO Constructions.  

ADCO Constructions prepared a Construction Management Plan (CMP) detailing the processes and methodologies that are being used during the construction works. For more information, watch the February 2021 CMP resident briefing.

Project timeline



Progress update

September 2018

Community consultation phase one

We asked the community to provide feedback about what was important to them and what they would like to see in the new centre.

September to October 2019

Community consultation phase two

We asked the community to provide feedback about the proposed design.

November 2019

Plans released

We continued to work closely with the community on the final design elements for the centre.

March 2020 Renders available to view We gave the community a visual look at the new exterior of the centre. 
November 2020 Demolition to commence Demolition of the old centre was completed in February 2021.
March 2021 Construction commenced Construction of the new Kew Recreation Centre begun. 
May 2021 Community consultation phase three We consulted with the community on the final design for the aqua play area. 
August 2021 Final renders released We shared the final design for the centre, including the aqua play area. Take a virtual tour

Early-mid 2023

Construction expected to be completed


Alternative locations

Kew Recreation Centre members have reciprocal rights to use our other Boroondara Leisure and Aquatic Facilities. Hawthorn Aquatic and Leisure Centre, Boroondara Sports Complex and Ashburton Pool and Recreation Centre are available for use in alignment with coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions.

For more information, visit YMCA’s Kew Recreation Centre redevelopment page

More information

For information about the construction of the new centre, contact Prudence Ho on 9278 4784 or email [email protected]

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