Media statements

  1. 01

    Council’s response on decision to withdraw funding for additional car parks in Boroondara

    Council’s response on the decision to withdraw funding for additional car parks in Boroondara.
  2. 02

    Clarification: The Age article published 16 September 2021

    The City of Boroondara seeks to clarify information in the news article ‘Councils left out in plan for car parks’
  3. 03

    City of Boroondara withdraws from North East Link judicial review

    City of Boroondara and Whitehorse City Council have reached a settlement with the Victorian Government and North East Link Project.
  4. 04

    Victorian Government’s introduction of a fourth bin should not hinder Council and ratepayers

    Council is seeking information from the Victorian Government following their unilateral decision to introduce a fourth household bin for glass collections.
  5. 05

    City of Boroondara statement on possible removal of Planning Scheme Amendment C299

    The following statement was sent to the Herald Sun at 7pm on Thursday 2 January 2020.
  6. 06

    368 Auburn Road, Hawthorn

    Council was not able to prevent the demolition of this house because of an introduced amendment which functions as a loophole.
  7. 07

    City of Boroondara statement about 337 Auburn Road, Hawthorn East

    At the time Council received the request for demolition of 337 Auburn Road, Hawthorn East in June 2018, the Hawthorn East Heritage Gap Study had not been considered by Council’s Urban Planning Special Committee.