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In April 2023 we celebrated the official launch of the Gardiners Creek (KooyongKoot) Regional Collaboration. We are proud to be part of this alliance, working together with 15 other organisations to protect and enhance the Gardiners Creek catchment.

Protecting the catchment

We joined the Collaboration because we believe in its purpose, which is to protect and improve the cultural, amenity, and environmental value of the Gardiners Creek (KooyongKoot) catchment.

We are doing this for the benefit of the community and the environment.

Long-term vision

The long-term vision of the Collaboration is that:

  • KooyongKoot and its catchment is protected, valued and loved, supporting diverse uses and thriving biodiversity.
  • Traditional Owners play a key role in its management, as custodians of our natural environment.
  • community and all stakeholders work together to heal, strengthen and ensure the resilience of KooyongKoot and its catchment.

We will help to achieve this vision, along with the other Collaboration members, through the delivery of key projects and programs.

The Collaboration are looking for opportunities to form strategic and funding partnerships with different levels of government, business, educational and not for profit organisations, and community to support the delivery of these projects and programs. If you are aware of any opportunities for the Collaboration please contact our Environmental Sustainability and Open Spaces team by emailing [email protected] or calling us on (03) 9278 4444.

You can learn more about the projects and programs that the Collaboration members are working on by downloading the Gardiners Creek (KooyongKoot) Regional Collaboration prospectus.

Download the Gardiners Creek (KooyongKoot) Regional Collaboration prospectus

About the Gardiners Creek catchment

Gardiners Creek runs along Boroondara’s southern border, and the areas surrounding Gardiners Creek are rich in biodiversity. Many public spaces run alongside the creek in our area, including:

  • sportsgrounds
  • recreational areas
  • open spaces
  • commuter cycling routes.  

It’s an area that’s been important to us for many years, and we are committed to protecting it, so it can be enjoyed by everyone. In October 2022, we released a master plan for Gardiners Creek to make sure it’s protected, cared for and improved in the future. The plan is based on extensive research, feedback from key stakeholders and community views. It includes aims and actions that apply across the entire area. You can download the full master plan on our Engage Boroondara website.

You can also learn more about the creek on our History of Gardiners Creek page.

More information

The 15 other members of the Gardiners Creek (KooyongKoot) Regional Collaboration are:

  • AFL Victoria
  • Bicycle Network
  • Cricket Victoria
  • Deakin University
  • Field Naturalists Club of Victoria
  • Football Victoria
  • City of Glen Eira
  • Golf Australia
  • KooyongKoot Alliance
  • Melbourne Water
  • Monash Council
  • City of Stonnington
  • Whitehorse City Council
  • Yarra Riverkeeper
  • Yarra Valley Water.

For more information about our involvement in the Collaboration, you can contact our Environmental Sustainability and Open Spaces team by emailing emailing [email protected] or calling us on (03) 9278 4444.

If you are interested in learning more about biodiversity or contributing to sustainability efforts in Boroondara, you can find out more on our Sustainable living workshops and events page.