The Great Southern BioBlitz is an intensive period of biological surveying that aims to record all living species within a designated area. 

It's an opportunity for citizens, scientists and nature enthusiasts to collaborate in a race against time, documenting the rich biodiversity in a specified region.

Join us from Friday 24 to Monday 27 November and help us document native plants and animals across Boroondara.

How to participate

Firstly, download the iNaturalist app.

Explore your local parks or reserves, snap pictures of wild plants and animals and upload your findings to the app. 

Collecting this data will provide researchers with a better snapshot of the species that live in Boroondara. 

BioBlitz events

We are hosting nature discovery events to help you explore, discover and learn about the rich biodiversity that Boroondara is home to. 

  • Maranoa Gardens tour on Friday 24 November and Monday 27 November.
  • Birdwatching for beginners on Sunday 24 November.
  • Moth night with the Entomological Society of Victoria on Sunday 24 November.
  • Krefft’s Glider monthly hollow check on Monday 27 November.

View and register for events by clicking the tiles below.

Protecting our biodiversity

Boroondara is home to a rich variety of native birds, mammals, reptiles, and frogs.