Upgrading Glenferrie Road: Have your say

A tram travels past a streetscape of terraced shopfronts

As we make space to improve this popular shopping strip for the community, we’re asking you to consider some options.

The first and biggest step towards revitalising the area is for us to upgrade the Glenferrie Road streetscape.

To create the street you’ve asked for – attractive, green, easy to move around – we need to find space. We’re also planning ahead for tram-stop upgrades, which will require on-road spaces.

We’ve explored the options and researched feasibility, so the question is: what would our community prefer us to do about moving on-road car-park spaces for these 2 phases of upgrades? 

See the options for how we could approach this, along with opportunities to discuss these plans with Council’s Placemaking Team, and have your say at our Glenferrie Road consultation page on the Engage Boroondara website by Friday 2 May.