Theme 6: Local economy

Strategic Objective: Support local businesses and enhance shopping precincts, fostering a strong economy, and welcoming places for the community.

Case study: Expanded outdoor trading opportunities

We introduced expanded outdoor trading opportunities in late 2020 to help our local economy recover from the impacts of COVID-19. We installed temporary 'parklets' in some of our shopping strips to enable outdoor dining in repurposed car-parking spaces. This activity was supported by funding from the Victorian Government’s ‘COVID Safe Outdoor Activation Fund 2021’.

The return of summer outdoor trading in 2021 and 2022 received a positive response from the community and traders. A significant portion of the Victorian Government’s funding was allocated to extending the current parklet program until the end of January 2023.

We also supported local traders in this period by fast-tracking temporary footpath trading permits. In addition, we waived all permit fees through to the end of March 2022.

Following this success, we’ve drafted new and updated outdoor trading guidelines to support businesses to safely trade outdoors in shared public spaces. After community consultation, we expect to adopt these new guidelines on the future use of footpaths and parking bays by the end of 2022.

Three people around a table that is on the side of the road in a parklet area bordered by plants between them and the road

Theme 6 performance

Below is a breakdown of the strategic indicators, progress of initiatives and other service performance indicators for this theme. You can find out more detail about these indicators and previous year’s results in the full report.

You can also read through our continuous improvement initiatives, community engagement, and benchmarking activities for this theme in the full report.

Strategic indicators

In all cases our strategic indicators saw either consistent or improved results in FY2021-22. The strategic indicators that met or exceeded the forecasts include the following.

Satisfaction with work to improve quality of streetscapes in shopping precincts to attract and retain good shops and businesses:


Number of proactive strip shopping centre maintenance inspections completed:

1,313 inspections

Participant satisfaction in Council’s business training activities:


Number of permits for outdoor trading:

83 permits

Progress of initiatives in the Budget

All initiatives for this theme aside from one were completed in the FY2021-22. This includes:

  • promoting "Buy Local" to Boroondara residents to encourage them to shop within the municipality
  • developing a new Economic Development and Tourism Strategy
  • continuing to assist registered Food and Health businesses during the pandemic
  • continuing to proactively service the City’s retail precincts through the Service Crew program
  • undertaking annual inspections in all retail precincts to develop a works program to maintain street furniture.

The remaining initiative was to adopt the Glenferrie Place Plan and commence a new placemaking project. This major initiative has commenced and is 35% complete. The draft Glenferrie Place Plan is being reviewed following the Federal Government decision to withdraw commuter parking funding. The parking and financial strategies will be adapted to the new conditions and presented to Council for final adoption in late 2022. The Camberwell Junction Place Plan is on track with draft Vision and Priorities currently being coordinated with Strategic Planning team to ensure relevance into the future.