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We are committed to making sure our environment is healthy and sustainable for future generations. We offer free biodiversity garden materials to support Boroondara schools and kinders wanting to take climate action.

These resources include:

  • Indigenous (locally native) plant tubes (voucher for 50 plants)
  • Indigenous trees (we can confirm the amount if the location is suitable)
  • mulch delivery (up to 5 cubic metres)
  • compost delivery (up to 5 cubic metres).

Each school and kinder in Boroondara can apply for these biodiversity garden materials once every financial year.

We also offer free educational resources.

This includes a class pack with:

  • 30 ‘swap cards’ of images and stories about local flora and fauna
  • 5 copies of our A2 poster featuring local wildlife and plants
  • our online Backyard Biodiversity booklet
  • our online Managing Environmental Weeds booklet.

How to apply for biodiversity garden materials

You can apply for our free biodiversity garden materials by emailing us at [email protected].

You will need to provide:

  • your name
  • the school or kinder address
  • the materials you want to apply for. Depending on the material, we will also need the below information from you. 

Indigenous plants

If you are applying for Indigenous plants, you need to tell us the size of proposed garden area.

school children gardening

Indigenous trees

If you are applying for Indigenous trees, you need to tell us the number and size of the trees. We can work with you to find out the best type of trees and how many will be suitable for your location. Please send us an image (if possible) and a description of where you would like to plant the trees.

Mulch and/or compost

If you are applying for mulch and/or compost, you need to tell us:

  • the date you would like it delivered
  • the delivery location
  • if you will be available onsite for delivery between 7.30am – 9am
  • a contact number for the delivery day
  • the size of the area you want to use the compost and/or mulch on. 

Educational class pack

If you are applying for the educational class pack, you need to tell us if you would like all of the items, or only some of the items. If you only want some of the items, please specify which items you want. 

You also need to acknowledge in writing that the materials you order are for exclusive use at your school.

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