Positive Charge service

Positive Charge is a not-for-profit social enterprise backed by local councils and run by the Moreland Energy Foundation.

Positive Charge provides a range of services on behalf of Council to help local residents, businesses and community groups save energy and money and reduce their carbon emissions.

Positive Charge services include:

  • Installing solar: supporting households and businesses to install solar systems.
  • Energy information and advice: answering your questions about lighting, appliances, hot water, insulation, solar panels, heating, cooling or electricity bills.
  • Home energy assessment: assessing your home and offering practical advice to help you save energy and money, and make your home more comfortable (there are fees associated with this service).

To find out more, visit the Positive Charge website.

Borrow a home energy meter or thermal imaging camera

Understanding how, when and why you use energy at home, at work or at school will help you make smart energy choices and reduce your carbon footprint.

Borrow a home energy meter

Energy meters help you track your home energy use and to understand how and when you use energy.

The meters are supplied as a kit with everything you need, including:

To borrow a meter, visit any of our libraries in person or reserve a Power-Mate Lite kit online.

Borrow a thermal imaging camera

Thermal imaging cameras help reveal where heat is leaking into or out of your house. They can show gaps in insulation, locate areas of draft and identify leaky fridge seals and high energy using appliances.

The camera comes as a kit with everything you need, including:

  • FLIR TG165 thermal imaging camera (plus SD memory card)
  • Charging cable and adaptor
  • Userguide

To borrow a meter, visit any of our libraries in person or reserve a Thermal Imaging Camera online.


Composting at home is easy to do and avoids transporting food scraps to landfill where they produce harmful greenhouse gases as they break down.

See order a compost bin to buy a discounted compost bin, worm farm or bokashi system (for Boroondara residents), learn more about composting or brush up on your composting skills and knowledge.

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