Local friends groups

Backyard biodiversity

Local friends groups work tirelessly to restore and protect remnant indigenous vegetation and to revegetate important natural areas. By volunteering with a local group, you can help maintain biodiversity in the parks and reserves in your area.

Friends of Ashburton Forest

Arising out of our Backyard Biodiversity project, this group works on local revegetation projects. For more information, see Friends of Ashburton Forest.

Friends of Burke Road Billabong

This group is helping to re-establish indigenous vegetation at the Burke Road Billabong site. For more information, see Burke Road Billabong Reserve.

Friends of Greythorn Park

This groups helps to care for the beautiful Greythorn Park. For more information, email [email protected]

Friends of Nettleton Park

This group is working to enhance Nettleton Park and improve the native habitat. For more information, email [email protected]

Friends of South Surrey Park

This group is working to enhance the attractiveness of South Surrey Park and improve the native habitat and condition of the creek. For more information, see Friends of South Surrey Park.

Friends of Wurundjeri – Hawthorn Historical Society

This group is working on the banks of the Yarra River in Wurundjeri Gardens, Glan Avon Road, Hawthorn, to re-establish indigenous plants and represent Aboriginal food plants and materials. Phone 9818 4706.

Local environment groups

Eastern Suburbs Permaculture Group

Members of this group share a desire to reduce their ecological footprint and benefit from sustainable practices, with a particular interest in urban living and gardening. See Eastern Suburbs Permaculture Group for more information.

Lighter Footprints

A committed local climate action group, Lighter Footprints aims to lead and stimulate action to help ensure a safe climate future. For more information, see Lighter Footprints.

If you're interested in being part of the thriving community of people growing and sharing food, see community gardens and food sharing.

Joining a cycling and walking group is also a great way to meet people, keep fit and reduce your carbon footprint.

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