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Our current Our Low Carbon Future Strategy ends in 2020. To replace this, Council committed to develop a Climate Action Plan in its final meeting of 2019. 

The Climate Action Plan will:

  • Bring our existing environmental sustainability commitments and actions into one plan.
  • Define the direction we take in response to the challenges of climate change over the next decade.
  • Inform our decisions regarding sustainability. 

During the development of the Boroondara Community Plan, our community told us they valued our trees, native plants and animals, as well as activities that support the ongoing health of our environment.

As we look towards the next decade, we believe we are in a good position to continue to make a difference and work with our community to further reduce our city’s environmental footprint.

Our sustainability achievements so far 

Over the past decade, we have developed and implemented various policies and actions to make our city more sustainable. Some examples include:

Energy efficiency and renewable energy

  • Installing low emissions technologies and energy efficiency upgrades such as LED lighting.
  • Switching to energy-efficient street lighting.
  • Building or renovating council buildings to a high sustainability standard.
  • Installing solar photovoltaics (PV) on council buildings.
  • Purchasing renewable electricity.

More information at Reducing our carbon emissions.

Sustainable water use and healthy waterways

  • Using water efficiently at council buildings, gardens and sportsgrounds.
  • Harvesting rainwater and storm water.
  • Preventing pollution from our streets entering our waterways and Port Phillip Bay.

More information at Managing our water and waterways.

Waste management and recycling

  • Introducing our FOGO (Food Organics Garden Organics) waste collection service.
  • Providing comprehensive kerbside and depot-based recycling services. 
  • Utilising recycled materials in council buildings and works including use of recycled materials in road surfacing.
  • Providing community education materials, subsidised worm farms and composters and free community education workshops.

Sustainable community transport

  • Providing and upgrading cycle and walking paths.
  • Creating more pedestrian friendly street environments and high quality urban centres which are less car-dominated.
  • Introducing measures to better manage traffic, public transport, cycling and walking on congested roads and particularly in urban centres.

More information at Cycling and walking.

Protecting and enhancing biodiversity

  • Protecting and restoring remnant vegetation and creating new biodiversity zones.
  • Supporting the community to enhance their own gardens for biodiversity through our award winning Backyard Biodiversity Project. 
  • Protecting our significant habitat trees.
  • Installing log hollows to support and enhance the sugar glider population along the Yarra River.

More information at Biodiversity

Your feedback is important

We are inviting everyone who lives, works, studies or visits Boroondara to share their feedback and ideas on the development of our Climate Action Plan.

Phase 1: Friday 14 August to Monday 14 September 2020

Community consultation for Phase 1 is now closed.

During this phase of the consultation, we received feedback and ideas from our community. The aim was to get a better understanding of your sustainable behaviours and ambitions and identify priorities to be included in the Climate Action Plan.

Feedback consolidation: 15 September to 31 October

We are currently collating and analysing feedback from Phase 1 and preparing for Phase 2 of the community consultation.

Phase 2: November to December 2020 (dates to be confirmed)

This will be a chance for us to check back in and ensure we have heard our community’s feedback and ideas correctly, as well as provide an opportunity to further explore what is important to you. 

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