If you're having problems with noise that you can hear from inside your home, you can contact the relevant authority to make a complaint.

Who to contact

Noise source Contact 
Individual noise and antisocial behaviour outside permitted hours (such as private parties, residential construction sites, and noise from equipment) Local police station on 131 444
Ongoing residential noise (such as regular private parties, residential construction sites, and regular noise from equipment) Make a noise complaint
Dog barking Report a barking dog
Construction on commercial sites Council Local laws on (03) 9278 4949
Garbage trucks that are operated by private contractors Council Local laws on (03) 9278 4949
Council-operated garbage trucks with the City of Boroondara logo Council Infrastructure Services on (03) 9278 4580
Industrial or commercial noise Environment Protection Authority (EPA) on (03) 9695 2722 or visit the EPA website

If the relevant authority is Council, see make a noise complaint for information on how to report problem noises to Council.

To get help with an ongoing dispute about noise, visit the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria.

Times residential noise is not permitted

The EPA (Environment Protection Authority) is responsible for setting the times when certain residential noise is not permitted. See their website for details of the times for residential noise and other helpful information about dealing with noise.

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