Possums are a protected species. Brushtail and ringtail possums are common in Boroondara and are attracted to trees and gardens where there are flowers and fruit.

We recommend you don't feed possums as it encourages more possums on to your property and may result in fighting and property damage.

If you have possums in your roof you can:

  • provide alternatives, such as a nesting box in the garden
  • trap them and release them within 50m of the capture site
  • contact a licensed pest controller
  • possum-proof your roof by blocking gaps, fixing loose tiles and pruning tree branches overhanging the roof to at least 1.5m
  • try possum repellents, available at nurseries and supermarkets.

If you have possums in your garden you can:

  • protect trees by installing metal or perspex sheets around the trunks
  • protect garden beds with a floppy chicken wire fence.

Council doesn't provide any direct services to prevent, manage or remove possums on your property. Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning has more advice on dealing with possums.