Dates and times

  • Library meeting rooms can only be booked for full-hour timeslots.
  • Bookings must start and finish on the hour.
  • Library meeting rooms are not available for hire on public holidays.


  • You can pay for the booking online via the Facility listing page
  • If you wish to change or cancel a booking, you must contact us at [email protected] or call (03) 9278 4444, or submit a change or cancellation request via the booking portal.
  • In the event of cancellation, one of the following will apply:
    • If you cancel the booking more than 7 days before the booking date, the hire fee will be refunded completely.
    • If you cancel the booking less than 7 days before the booking date, the hire fee is non-refundable.
    • If you reschedule the booking more than 7 days before the booking date, but later cancel the booking less than 7 days before the booking date, you are entitled to a 50% refund of the hire fee.

Room access

  • You must collect an access card to unlock the library meeting room prior to the start of the booking.
  • Only you, or your nominated representative, can collect the access card upon proof of identity.
  • The access card must be collected within 48 hours of the booking during library opening hours.
  • You must return any access cards immediately at the conclusion of the booking either to library staff or via the returns chute.
  • You must not share or give any access cards to any other person, including those who are part of your booking.
  • You must set up and pack up the library meeting room within your allocated booking period.
  • You and any other person who is part of your booking must not enter, use or exit the library meeting room outside your allocated booking period, interrupt other bookings in progress, or allow any other unauthorised use.

Your responsibilities

  • You must leave the library meeting room in the same condition it was in before the booking period, including (but not necessarily limited to):
    • leaving the library meeting room clean and tidy
    • washing, drying and putting away any dishes used during the booking period
    • placing all rubbish in the bins provided
    • leaving the fridge clean and empty
    • returning all furniture and equipment to where it was placed prior to the booking period
    • ensuring all emergency exits are clear.
  • You must not make any loud noises, or engage in any other activities that could reasonably disturb other library users.
  • You must not display banners, sandwiches boards or other signage outside the Library meeting rooms.
  • You must not permit more than the maximum number of people to enter the Library meeting room at any one time.
  • You must seek permission from the Boroondara Library staff before the consumption of any alcohol in the library meeting rooms. 
  • You must ensure all persons present as part of the booking follow any and all emergency evacuation procedures, which are displayed in the library meeting room.


Community groups

  • Community groups with up to 52 bookings in a calendar year are not required to have public liability insurance.  
  • Community groups with bookings in excess of 52 bookings in a calendar year must maintain public liability insurance for a minimum of $20 million to cover all of the bookings in excess of 52 bookings in the calendar year.  

Commercial and standard groups

  • Commercial groups must maintain public liability insurance for a minimum of $20 million throughout the calendar year.  
  • If we deem any activities being undertaken in the library meeting room to be high risk, you must maintain such additional policies of insurance as reasonably required.


We reserve the right to review each library meeting room booking request individually, and to cancel or decline any booking if we reasonably believe: 

  • the library meeting rooms are unsuitable for the activity the room is to be booked for; or  
  • a person or group of persons are doing activities which are illegal, or impact on another person’s health, safety or wellbeing, or might lead to the library meeting rooms or equipment being damaged.

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