When you hold an event in a park, garden or sportsground, you may need to erect structures on the event day. 

As an event organiser, it's your responsibility to ensure these items don't damage Council open spaces, facilities or watering systems and are removed as soon as the event is complete.

Some marquees and temporary structures require permits or approval from Council and may incur a fee when your booking request is confirmed.

Marquees, shades and arbours

We allow one 3m by 3m shade structure to be erected at no cost.

Additional marquees or a marquee bigger than 9 square meters require Council approval and incur a fee and a bond.

Shade type


Pop up shade structure up to 3m x 3m (9sqm) – maximum of one 3m x 3m pop-up shade structure permitted, per booking.

Wedding arbours and chuppahs


Small marquee: 10sqm to 50sqm

For example, small marquee sizes: 3.6m x 3.6m and 3m x 6m.


Marquee sizes that differ from the above dimensions specified are rounded to the nearest corresponding size (area sqm).

To request approval for additional or larger marquees, please include your request in the 'bookings summary' section when submitting your online booking application to hire a park or garden. 

Permits for temporary structures

The following prescribed temporary structures require approval from the Victorian Building Authority:

  • a stage or platform exceeding 150sqm
  • a tent, marquee or booth with a floor area greater than 100sqm
  • a seating stand that accommodates more than 20 people
  • a prefabricated building with a floor area exceeding 100sqm.

If you intend to erect any of these items, complete the Application for Siting of Prescribed Temporary Structure (138KB).

The permit costs $290.40. Allow 10 weeks for processing.

Event organiser responsibilities

Temporary structures must be weighted down with sandbags or water weights.

We don't allow structures to be pegged or staked in the ground as this may damage our underground irrigation systems. 

Different parks and gardens have different restrictions on the type, size and quantity of the marquee or arbour permitted. Refer to the individual parks and gardens to see what is permitted at each park.

Vehicles in Council open space

To protect our parks, motor vehicles and horse-drawn carriages are prohibited from entering, unless approved for a specific purpose.

If you intend for a vehicle to enter the park, provide the details when the Event Officer responds to your booking request, so that they can advise on whether this is allowed.

Chairs and tables

Restrictions apply to the quantity of chairs and tables you are able to bring into a Council-owned park, garden or reserve. This is to protect the park and any watering systems.

If you have attendees with special needs, you may bring a maximum of 6 seats for venues where chairs and tables are normally not permitted.

All chairs and tables must have horizontal bar legs to prevent damage.

Refer to the individual parks and gardens to see what is permitted in each park


Many of our outdoor areas have built-in barbecues. Portable barbecues are only permitted in  Fairview Park and Wallen Road Reserve.

In these locations, portable barbecues must only be fuelled by bottle gas and used on sealed, non-flammable surfaces, Portable barbeques are not permitted on paths.

Contact details

For queries, contact Sports and Events at 9278 4595 or email [email protected].

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