Integrating energy and water-efficient designs into your new home or renovation helps you:

  • live more comfortably
  • save money on electricity, gas and water bills
  • reduce greenhouse emissions, and
  • protect our water resources.

Developments in Victoria need to meet the national energy efficiency standards.

When you apply for a Planning Permit or a Building Permit, you need to include and demonstrate environmental sustainability measures.

Standards for building

It's important to discuss energy-efficiency requirements with your designer.

Dwellings in Victoria must have a minimum 6 Star Energy Rating. All new works must comply with Part 3.12 or Part J of the Building Code of Australia.

The energy efficiency requirements may be assessed by an accredited energy rater or specified by the designer to demonstrate compliance with the Building Code of Australia.

The following topics are some of those considered in the assessment:

  1. Building materials and thermal insulation.
  2. Building orientation and external glazing.
  3. The sealing of windows, doors, exhaust fans, chimneys and flues.
  4. Ventilation.
  5. Services such as pools, lighting, heating and cooling, rain water tanks and solar hot water systems.

Sustainability Victoria provides expert advice for building projects and renovations plus tips for saving energy at home.

Advice for heritage homes

Victoria’s Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning offers guidance sheets on typical heritage house styles in Victoria with the costs and savings of various measures.

Advice for small businesses

Sustainability Victoria offers guidance for small businesses to become more energy and materials efficient. 

The Victorian Government’s Switch On service can help you keep energy costs down.

If your business needs to replace an old appliance, the Victorian Government Energy Saver incentive scheme (until 2029) offers discounts and special deals on energy efficient appliances. Conditions apply.

Council workshops

See our events calendar for Council’s sustainable living workshops for residents and local businesses, which include topics such as rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, retrofitting your home for energy efficiency, and water-smart homes and gardens.

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