The planning scheme amendment process is a formal statutory process governed by Victorian Government legislation, specifically the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

It's Council's responsibility to administer and enforce the Boroondara Planning Scheme.

More information on the planning scheme amendment process can be found on the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website, including:

Requesting a planning scheme amendment

Making a planning scheme amendment is a process to change the law. This is why an amendment can only be prepared and initiated by a planning authority, which is any minister or agency that has been authorised by the Minister for Planning. For the City of Boroondara, the planning authority generally is Council or the Minister for Planning.

However, anyone can ask Council to apply for a planning scheme amendment. It's important to note there are planning scheme amendment fees involved, which are available on our Planning scheme amendment fees page.

You don't need to complete an application form to request a planning scheme amendment. Instead, we recommend that you contact us using the details on our Contact us page to discuss any potential amendment before applying.

Have your say on a planning scheme amendment

The planning scheme amendment will be placed on public exhibition for you to provide feedback to Council on the proposed changes.

Submissions must be made in writing and received by the required date as listed on the amendment page.

You can lodge a submission the following ways:

Once the public exhibition process is complete, Council officers will review all submissions and prepare a report for consideration by the Urban Planning Delegated Committee (UPDC). You can find out more about this on our Urban Planning Delegated Committee meetings page.

The UPDC will decide whether to:

  • Make changes to the amendment in response to submissions.
  • Seek appointment of an independent Panel and refer any submissions to the Panel for consideration.
  • Recommend adoption of the amendment by Council, if there are no submissions or all submissions have been resolved.
  • Abandon the amendment.

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