When you start a new building project, you should identify your sustainability measures.

This might include using energy and water-efficient designs.

You must include these measures when you apply for planning and building permits.

Benefits of sustainable buildings

Making your building project more sustainable helps you:

  • reduce your environmental impact
  • save money on bills
  • protect our natural resources.

We also regularly update our Council buildings to make them more sustainable.

Learn about our sustainable Council buildings policy.

Standards for energy efficiency

You must meet the National Construction Code's national energy efficiency standards. You should discuss these requirements with your designer.

New buildings

Residential properties in Victoria must have at least a 6 Star Energy Rating.

All new works must comply with Part 3.12 or Part J of the Building Code of Australia.

These requirements are sometimes assessed by an accredited energy-rater.

Their assessment considers:

  • building materials and thermal insulation
  • building orientation and external glazing
  • sealing of windows, doors, exhaust fans, chimneys and flues
  • ventilation
  • pools
  • lighting
  • heating and cooling
  • rain water tanks and solar hot water systems.

Existing buildings

There are many things you can do to make existing buildings more sustainable.

Read our guide to installing solar panels to find out about the process and which permits you need.

Find advice on improving sustainability for heritage properties on the Heritage Victoria website.

More information

Visit Sustainability Victoria for advice about building projects and renovations.

Read our tips to save energy in your home.

Join a sustainability workshop or event to learn about more things you can do at home.

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