Flood level approval is a process to check that anyone planning to build or renovate a property has considered their flood risk.

You must apply for flood level approval if:

  • your property is at risk of flooding
  • it's a condition of your planning permit
  • a report and consent matter affects your building plans
  • a consultant, architect, builder, or building surveyor asks you to.

Use our online form:

Request flood level approval

The assessment fee is $265.00. The fee does not incur GST.

You must include a survey plan that shows levels for the:

  • footpath
  • nature strip
  • kerb and channel
  • drainage pits.

You must include floor plans that show:

  • ground and basement levels
  • vehicle and pedestrian entries
  • any other possible location where flood water could enter the building.

You can request a flood assessment report with advice about the flood risk to your property.
Visit our Building or developing on flood-prone land page to get your report.

Assessing your plans

We assess your plans within 20 business days.

We will check that the proposed development:

  • has a finished floor level above the identified flood level with 300 mm extra height (freeboard)
  • is set back from overland flow paths (the paths that take the main flow of floodwater).

If you need to make changes you can resubmit your plans to [email protected].

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