Flood mapping helps us understand the extent and depth of stormwater flow along natural ‘overland flow’ paths so we can provide direction to property owners, builders and developers when they are renovating, landscaping or building.

Specifically, our focus is to use the study data to understand - and help the community to understand - the risk, mitigate risks where possible, then minimise the loss associated with that risk by:

  • freeing up the floodways and the waterways to allow water to move through when flooding occurs
  • ensuring that new buildings and renovations are built above the applicable flood level and are adequately set back from floodways
  • preparing planning scheme amendments to augment existing Special Building Overlays (SBO) with overlays covering areas at risk of flooding associated with Council drainage catchments.

The results of the flood mapping will be incorporated into our internal information systems. In particular Property Information Statements for affected properties will include a statement to the effect that the property is subject to flooding under Building Regulation 153. This will alert property owners, builders, architects or landscape designers if a flood risk exists for a particular property.

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