General conditions

  1. All library meeting room hirers must abide by the Terms and Conditions of Boroondara Library Service meeting room hire. 
  2. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation and/or refusal of bookings.
  3. Boroondara Library Service meeting rooms are not available for parties or receptions.
  4. Library meeting rooms are available for hire to any organisation or group for the purposes of meetings, seminars, conferences, training, rehearsals or exhibitions.
  5. Boroondara Library Service may consider other uses or activities in library meeting rooms. Requests for consideration must be submitted via email to [email protected]
  6. Library meeting rooms are not available for general hire on public holidays.

Fees and charges

Bookings are post paid. This means your invoice:

  • does not have to be paid before booking or when picking up the key
  • will be sent each month via email.
  • may be sent yearly if you request this for payment of meeting room hire.
  • Cancellations

  1. Booking cancellations can be self-managed via the online booking portal, Skedda.
  2. Bookings that are no longer required can be cancelled by logging into the user account or may be sent in writing to [email protected]
  3. In the event of a cancellation, the following will apply:
    • if cancelled more than 7 days from booking: $0 (fees paid in advance are fully refundable)
    • if cancelled less than 7 days from booking: Full payment of hire fee is required. 


  1. Audiovisual equipment is available in all library meeting rooms. Digital projectors may be used with the HDMI or VGA connections provided. Basic instructions are available in all rooms; please ensure you familiarise yourself with the equipment provided, as technical assistance from staff will usually not be available.
  2. Responsibility for providing adaptors to the HDMI or VGA connections rests with the hirer.
  3. Wi-fi access is available in all library meeting rooms with a personal library membership. Registration for a personal library membership is available during library opening hours.

Find your library membership number and PIN.

Room access 

  1. Swipe cards and/or keys for meeting rooms must be collected in person at the library where the booking is to occur during library opening hours. 
  2. Swipe cards and/or keys can only be collected by the hirer or their nominated representative.
  3. The swipe cards and/or keys will not be made available more than 48 hours in advance of a meeting room booking.
  4. The swipe cards and/or keys must be returned immediately at the conclusion of the meeting, either to library staff or through the library returns chute at the front of the library.
  5. The swipe cards and/or keys must not be given to and/or shared among hirers.
  6. Access to meeting rooms, including set up and pack-up time, is limited to the booking period. 
  7. Hirers must not enter, use or exit the meeting room outside the booking period, interrupt other bookings in progress, nor allow other unauthorised use.

Hirer responsibilities

  1. Rooms should be left clean and tidy, dishes washed, dried and put away, rubbish placed in the bins provided and the fridge left clean and empty, ready for the next meeting room booking.
  2. All furniture and equipment must be returned to designated areas and must not obstruct emergency exits.
  3. Permission must be sought from Boroondara Library Service prior to any alcohol being consumed in Boroondara Library meeting rooms. At least one month’s notice in writing is required and a copy of a current RSA (Responsible Serving of Alcohol) certificate from one of the members in attendance provided.
  4. The hirer must not sell any alcohol or allow any alcohol to be consumed in the meeting room unless a valid liquor licence has been obtained, and the written consent from the Library has been granted.
  5. Loud noise or any other nuisance, disturbance or annoyance that impacts upon the enjoyment of others in the facility and surrounds, must not be made in or allowed to emanate from the meeting room.
  6. Advertising banners and/or sandwich boards are not to be displayed outside library meeting rooms.
  7. Any costs associated with the replacement or repair of missing or damaged meeting room equipment, plus any additional cleaning charges, will be passed on to the hirer.
  8. It is the responsibility of the hirer to check and ensure all meeting room attendees aged 16 or older are fully vaccinated (unless a valid medical exemption applies). For more information, please see Victoria’s Roadmap.

Safety and security

  1. The capacity of the room must not be exceeded at any time for health and safety.
  2. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that the room is securely locked and the lights and kitchen equipment are turned off at the conclusion of the booking.
  3. The hirer will ensure they are aware of and comply with the emergency evacuation procedures displayed in the meeting room.
  4. Candles, oil or incense burners are not permitted under any circumstances.
  5. The Smoke-free Areas Local Law 2012, prohibits smoking inside, or within five metres of entrances to, all Boroondara City Council buildings.


Community Groups

  1.  Community groups with up to 52 bookings in a calendar year are not required to have Public Liability insurance. 
  2.  Where bookings exceed 52 in a calendar year, a current certificate of insurance, with cover for $20 million limit of liability, must be supplied to cover all of the bookings in excess of 52 in the year.

Commercial/Standard Groups

  1. Public liability insurance with cover for a minimum of $20 million liability is required to be maintained throughout the calendar year.
  2. If an activity being undertaken in library meeting rooms is deemed high risk, extra cover may be required.


Boroondara Library Service reserves the right to: 

  • review each request individually and to decline a booking if we deem our rooms are not suitable for the activity that will be taking place in our meeting rooms
  • decline or cancel a booking if we believe a person or organisation is engaging in activities which are illegal and/or impact health, safety and wellbeing, including if their presence will result in damage to our assets.

The hirer hires and uses library meeting rooms at their own risk and releases Boroondara Library Service from all claims, liability and loss in connection with the hirer’s hire and use of the hired meeting room.​​​

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