We recently upgraded our library management system, which includes the online search catalogue and your library account.

You can explore the new features, including:

  • An easier-to-navigate account dashboard with tiles that show your reservations, loans and charges.
  • A drop-down menu next to the search bar that lets you filter keyword searches by categories, including 'Large print','Young adult fiction' or 'Magazines'.
  • Reading suggestions based on your past borrowing.
  • Improved integration with the City of Boroondara website. 
  • The ability to tag titles and create saved queries and lists when logged in to your account.
  • At-a-glance views of your loans, reservations, bookings and other account activity.
  • CAPTCHA security check during account login for improved data security. 

Access the catalogue

You can browse, search or log in to the catalogue:

Or ask our friendly staff to show you the catalogue next time you visit the library.