We provide information and support to professionals that work with young people and their families. You can also refer a young person to our support services by completing an online request for referral.

Boroondara Youth Service Providers' Network (BYSPN)

The Boroondara Youth Service Providers' Network (BYSPN) meets quarterly and is a great way for you to:

  • connect with other youth professionals in the area
  • share ideas and information on youth specialist services
  • identify needs, issues and service gaps for young people
  • advocate ways to strengthen youth networks and improve service delivery
  • access the expertise of other youth professionals
  • professionally develop in areas important to your work.

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School Focused Youth Service (SFYS)

School Focused Youth Service (SFYS) works with schools to support students in years 5 to 12 who are at risk of disengaging from their education. The service can link your school to a wide range of youth support services, including:

  • direct interventions for young people at risk
  • training, professional development and networking opportunities for teachers
  • referral and support options for vulnerable students.

SFYS works with schools to identify the most constructive approach to supporting students. It can also tailor programs to meet the unique needs of your school and the students you work with.

SFYS creates connections with community organisations that can provide dynamic and supportive programming for students, staff and families.

School Focused Youth Service is funded by the Victorian Government Department of Education and Training.

More information

For more information contact Boroondara Youth at [email protected] or call 03 9278 4608.

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