Business news

Local news of interest to the Boroondara business community.

  1. 01

    New Service Crew caring for our shopping centres

    The City of Boroondara has implemented a new ‘Service Crew’, improving the way it takes care of local shopping centres on the spot.
  2. 02

    Applications are open for the 2019 Small Business Sparks Grant

    Successful applicants stand to receive financial assistance of up to $3000 to support their business ideas.
  3. 03

    Helping local businesses realise their dream

    Meet the recipients of last year's Small Business Sparks grants.
  4. 04

    Crunchboxes provide a healthy alternative

    Crunchboxes are full of healthy food for kids available from selected cafés in Boroondara.
  5. 05

    Delivering what’s important to our local businesses

    We collected feedback from over 1000 local business to learn about their needs and issues.
  6. 06

    Boost sales after Christmas with visual merchandising

    Five tips to kickstart sales after the festive season has wound down.
  7. 07

    The benefits of managing waste in your business

    Understanding the type of waste your business creates and sorting it appropriately can put you at an advantage.
  8. 08

    Online and in-store marketing to meet customer needs

    Use online and in-store marketing techniques to create a better experience for your customer.
  9. 09

    Grow your business in winter

    There are plenty of reasons for customers to support your local business during the colder months.
  10. 10

    Thrive as a home-based business

    A local home-business owner shares her story.