Business news

Local news of interest to the Boroondara business community.

  1. 01

    The benefits of managing waste in your business

    Understanding the type of waste your business creates and sorting it appropriately can put you at an advantage.
  2. 02

    Online and in-store marketing to meet customer needs

    Use online and in-store marketing techniques to create a better experience for your customer.
  3. 03

    Grow your business in winter

    There are plenty of reasons for customers to support your local business during the colder months.
  4. 04

    Business Needs and Issues survey

    Are you a business based in Boroondara? We want to hear from you.
  5. 05

    Thrive as a home-based business

    A local home-business owner shares her story.
  6. 06

    Traders of Kew, past and present

    Explore the rich history of trade in Kew at this local exhibition.
  7. 07

    A program to help your business prosper

    Establish business connections and keep up to date with the latest industry developments at the Business Boroondara 2018 program.
  8. 08

    Five visual merchandising tips to kickstart the year

    Our visual merchandising workshop facilitator has five easy tips to help make your store more appealing.
  9. 09

    On-Demand Workshops for Boroondara businesses

    We’re offering Boroondara-based businesses a new style of workshop - On Demand workshops, sessions at your business at a time that suits you.