Prepare a letter for nearby residents and businesses

At least 2 months before the event.

In your event plan, include a copy of the written notice you will send to nearby residents and businesses notifying them of your upcoming event.

A copy of this notice is required if your event needs a Permit to Occupy Council Land or a Road and/or Footpath Occupancy Permit. (See step 5 of this guide to learn more about these permits.)

You also need to include the date you will distribute the letter and how many you will send in your plan.

The letter should contain the following details:

  • the name of the event organisers
  • the name, date and location of the event
  • the purpose of the event
  • number of audience/participants expected
  • details of any disruptions to residents and businesses
  • details of any road closures or changed traffic conditions or changes to public transport services (if applicable)
  • a contact name and number for further information or queries.

We will review the letter as part of your request.

Create a draft letter for nearby residents and businesses. This is the last item to attach to your event plan.  Then go to the next step to see what other items you may need to submit to Council.