Check if the event complies with food and alcohol regulations

At least 2 months before the event.

Your event plan should indicate whether there will be food, beverages or alcohol at the event, and confirm you and your traders have applied for the appropriate permits and licenses.

You don't need permission to serve food or drinks to your guests for free. 

But traders who sell food or drinks at the event must register with their Council (except Class 4 traders, who must notify their Council).

Cupcakes on sale

Permits and registrations for food traders

As the event organiser, you need to:

  • make sure that all temporary and mobile food traders are registered with their Council using Streatrader the state government’s online system
  • obtain and keep copies of all your traders’ registration certificates (except Class 4 traders)
  • inform traders of all classes that at least 10 days before your event, they must lodge a Statement of Trade via Streatrader citing the date and Boroondara location where they will be trading
  • check whether food outlets will be located in a car park or street
    If they are, apply for a Permit to Occupy Council-Controlled land
  • check whether any of your traders will be selling alcohol
    If they are, they need to obtain Temporary Limited Licence (TLL) from the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation 
    Processing a TLL can take at least 8 weeks.

Smoking and tobacco

As per the Tobacco Act 1987, smoking is banned in all outdoor eating areas. Various additional controls apply to public events, based on the number of food vendors onsite.

View Department of Health and Human Services tobacco fact sheets and guidelines.

Food vans

Some vehicles pose a risk to grass, watering systems and surfaces and may not be permitted in our parks.

If there will be food vans at your event, include the details in your Event Plan, so that the Event Officer can advise on whether they are allowed at the venue.

To prevent noise pollution in residential areas, it’s important that the person in charge of the vehicle adheres to EPA regulations for mobile vendors.You can find these in the EPA Victoria Noise Control Guidelines.

Alcohol and visitor behaviour

To reduce disorderly behaviour at events where alcohol is sold or served, we recommend:

  • arranging for accredited security officers to be on site, near where people are drinking
  • organising to provide water, free of charge.

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