Prepare an event plan, if requested

At least 2 months before the event.

After reviewing your booking request, we may ask for an event plan and running schedule.

Event plans

An event plan gives an overview of the event and lists all the items that need consideration. 

The plan also lists the actions you need to take to deliver each item.

The size, scope and complexity of the event determines the level of detail you need to include.

Running schedules

Event plans must include a running schedule that shows:

  • the event start and finish times
  • arrival (bump-in) and departure (bump-out) times and details of equipment
  • vehicle access arrangements (as authorised by Council)
  • the order and timing of activities such as speeches or performances
  • arrival and departure times for VIPs, related security plans and backstage details
  • the name and contact details of the host or master of ceremonies.

Send the schedule to your team and any contractors before the day of the event.

Example of an Event Running Schedule

Time Activity/Action Responsible Company
8:00am Bump In commences Event Manager Event Organiser
8:30am Marquee Delivery Site Manager Marquee Company
9:30am Portaloo delivery Site Manager Portaloo Hire Company


Have you been asked to prepare an event plan?