Send your initial and then final event documentation to Council

When should I do this?
Submit initial documents at least 2 months before the event.
Submit copies of permits and final documents at least 2 weeks before the event.

Submit initial event documents

At least 2 months before your event, send the documentation you've gathered to your Council contact.

In the email message, list any permits or approvals you have applied for that are still pending.

We'll review and advise of:

  • any information you still need to provide
  • any permits or approvals you still need for your event.

Submit final event documents, including copies of permits and permissions

At least 2 weeks before the event, email your final event documentation to your Council contact.

Include any additional information we've asked you to provide, as well as copies of any permits, certificates or licenses you need for your event.

Council approval

We will review your event documents and, as long as there are no items outstanding, approve your request to hold the event.

Booking fee and bonds

If you're booking one of our venues, you'll receive an invoice for the venue booking fee when your event is approved.

  • If the event poses a risk of damage to the venue, Council may also request an event bond.
  • If you require vehicle access to the venue, Council will charge a key bond.

View fees for open space hire.

When Council invoices you for venue hire, you may also be asked to pay a bond.

Type of bond

Bond amount

When is this refunded?

Event bond

Requested when aspects of the event pose a risk of damage to the park.

Minimum $200 up to the amount, as per risk calculated

The bond is refunded in full 4 weeks after the event if the site is left in the same condition it was prior to the event.

Key bond

Required if you are provided with a key for access to the venue.


The bond is refunded when the key is returned

Submit your initial, and then final documentation and pay the invoice. Then go to the next step.