Prepare a site plan, if requested

At least 2 months before the event.

After you submit your booking request, we may ask for a site plan.

A site plan is a detailed drawing or image of an event site with the locations of all important facilities clearly marked.

The site plan may include:

  • accessible paths, car parks and toilets, amusement rides and inflatables
  • drinking water locations, emergency vehicle entry points and access routes
  • entrances and exits, site office and/or operations centre, fire extinguishers and first aid posts
  • food vendors and stalls, marquees and parking
  • generators or power boxes
  • an information point and a site for lost children or lost property
  • stages

Help preparing a site plan

Contact us for more information or help preparing your site plan. 

Have you been asked to prepare a site plan?

  • If yes, apply for the permits you need and prepare the site plan. Then go to Step 13.
  • If no, go to Step 13.