This guide helps organisers to plan events that take place on Council land. You can use it to see if your event needs Council approval or other permits to go ahead. Council land includes parks, gardens, sports grounds, footpaths, roads and carparks.

Timeline - Allow at least 12 weeks to organise an event on Council land in Boroondara. 

COVIDSafe Public Events

All public event organisers are required to register their event and submit COVIDSafe documentation to the Victorian government to ensure coronavirus safety for attendees, staff and organisers.

This requirement is in accordance with the Victorian government's Public Events Framework which applies to events in three categories:

  • Tier 1: highly complex and involving more than 7500 attendees
  • Tier 2: moderately complex involving 1000-7500 attendees, divided into two categories:
    • Tier 2 events that can operate under the settings of the Public Events Framework
    • Tier 2 events that are seeking an exemption to the settings of the Public Events Framework
  • Tier 3: low complexity and involving 1000 or fewer attendees

In addition to registering your event and submitting the requested documentation to the Victorian government, you are also required to supply Council with a copy of this documentation (e.g. COVIDSafe Event Plan, COVIDSafe Event Checklist).

If your event required Victorian government approval, the COVIDSafe documentation supplied to Council will also need to be reviewed and approved by our Health Services team before your booking can be confirmed.

If your event did not require Victorian government approval, the COVIDSafe documentation supplied to Council will be reviewed but will not need to be approved by our Health Services team before the booking can be confirmed, providing all other relevant permits and approvals are met.

Please ensure you stay up to date with Victorian government restrictions and public health advice.

Does my event need Council approval?

You need Council permission if your event:

  • has more than 50 attendees, including artists, staff, contractors and volunteers
  • plans exclusive use of rotundas at Alexandra Gardens or Canterbury Gardens
  • uses temporary structures, such as marquees, portable movie screens. staging, a PA system or toilets
  • is catered by an external supplier
  • includes inflatables or a petting zoo
  • includes the sale of products or market stalls 
  • includes fireworks or pyrotechnics 
  • plans to close a road, or use a carpark or footpath 
  • needs vehicle access to open space
  • charges a fee

If any of these items apply to your event, use this guide to help you through the booking and approval process.

If none of these items apply, you can hold your event without further permission from Council.

Contact us for support with your event

We offer several services to assist with event organising in Boroondara. 

Community organisations

Depending on the nature of your event, you may be eligible for a community grant. Learn about our grants program and see if you are eligible.


Contact our events officer on 9278 4595 or email [email protected]

Creative and cultural organisations

Contact Boroondara Arts on 9278 4770 or email [email protected].

Trader associations and businesses

Contact Local Economies on 9278 4879 or email [email protected].

Find a venue - We have a large and diverse range of venues for hire. From every size of hall to gorgeous gardens, you're sure to find something perfect for your event.

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