Key Themes and Strategic Objectives

The responses from our 3 stages of consultation revealed strong support for similar themes and priorities. Using these responses and our own research, we identified 3 key themes and 14 areas for action. We used this information to develop the Boroondara Reconciliation Strategy (the Strategy).

The 3 key themes are:

  • Understand, Acknowledge and Respect: recognise that understanding, acknowledging and respecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and peoples is fundamental to being able to meaningfully contribute to the reconciliation process.
  • Relationships and Partnerships: acknowledges the broader community has a key role to play in progressing reconciliation and that to do this we need to develop and strengthen relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations so we can work together. 
  • Governance and Leadership: working together across Council to progress reconciliation and providing opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to have a voice to inform Council decision making. 

These 3 key themes are all necessary and important to progress reconciliation locally. 

Under each theme, we have developed a strategic objective. These strategic objectives outline what the community wants us to achieve over the next 4 years. Based on these objectives, we have also developed a number of focus areas for action. These focus areas explain how we aim to achieve our strategic objectives.

Our Implementation Plan outlines the specific actions we will take over the next 4 years. We have included this with our Strategy

    A tree hanging over the river on the Wurundjeri Heritage Trail