Theme 7: Leadership and governance

What our community said 

We value strong, respectful Council leaders who govern responsibly by making sure decisions are transparent and resources are carefully allocated. We expect to be consulted and learn about services and facilities provided by Council through a variety of communications channels so all members of our community, including hardly reached groups, are empowered to have their say and make the most of what Council offers. Where issues are outside Council’s direct control, we value Council advocating on the priorities important to our community and keeping us updated.

Our Strategic Objective

Ensure decisions are financially and socially responsible through transparent and ethical processes.

How we will achieve our Strategic Objective

Strategy 7.1. Decision-making is transparent and accountable through open governance processes with timely communication and reporting. 

Strategy 7.2. Resources are responsibly allocated and used through sound financial and asset planning, procurement and risk management practices. 

Strategy 7.3. Deliver the Boroondara Community Plan through partnerships with our community and a high-performing focused organisation.

Strategy 7.4. The voices of our community are heard through engagement strategies to allow effective representation on current and long-term community needs.

Strategy 7.5. The community’s interests are represented by Council through leadership and strong advocacy to external stakeholders.

Strategy 7.6. Convenient and accessible choices for interacting with Council are provided by offering various options for services and engagement. 

Strategy 7.7. Services are enhanced through improvements to Council’s technology, data, processes and performance. 

Strategy 7.8. Celebrate and recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, knowledge and heritage through implementing initiatives in partnership with our community and stakeholders. 

How we will measure our success

We will measure the:

  • satisfaction with making community decisions
  • satisfaction with informing the community
  • community satisfaction with the overall performance of Council
  • satisfaction with community consultation and engagement
  • community satisfaction with customer service 
  • percentage of freedom of information requests responded to within the required timeframes
  • current assets compared to current liabilities
  • percentage of adopted capital projects completed at the end of the financial year (based on the most recent amended budget)
  • number of transactions started through our website
  • number of calls that customers leave when they are trying to reach our customer service team
  • number of cybersecurity incidents that put user data at risk
  • access to Council’s website (percentage of time available).

Our services 

There are many services we provide to our community to support our Strategic Objective for Theme 7.

These include services in:  

  • Chief Financial Office
  • Council Operations
  • Customer Support and Corporate Information
  • Digital
  • Governance and Legal
  • Information Technology
  • People, Culture and Development
  • Strategic Communications
  • Strategy and Performance.

Read a full list of the services we provide in each of these areas