Our wellbeing commitment

Our health and wellbeing is influenced by much more than our individual choices. 

Good physical, mental and social health starts in our community, through opportunities to connect, participate and access what we need in order to make healthy choices. 

Through the Plan, we are committed to enhancing wellbeing for people who live, work, study or recreate in the municipality as an outcome of everything we do. We will strive to provide a high quality of liveability through our planning, services, places and spaces to enable all members of the community to make healthy choices.

We will prioritise action focusing on improving health in order to achieve our community’s vision for Boroondara’s future. Our commitment to wellbeing is guided by the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006, which recognises all people have equal rights to Council services and facilities and the key role the community plays in decision-making. 

This commitment implies a focus on equity so community members of all ages, genders, sexualities, religions, backgrounds, locations and abilities have the same opportunities to achieve good health and wellbeing.

We will work together with our community and local organisations to make good health and wellbeing a reality for all by embedding our health priorities within the 7 themes to ensure health and wellbeing is at the centre of everything we do