Our priority themes

The Boroondara Community Plan 2021–31 (the Plan) outlines 7 themes our community told us were important in 2017. In 2020–21, our community told us these themes still represent what they want us to focus on over the next 10 years: 

  1. Community, services and facilities 
  2. Parks and green spaces
  3. The environment
  4. Neighbourhood character and heritage
  5. Moving around 
  6. Local economy
  7. Leadership and governance.

Each theme includes: 

  • What our community said – What the community said was most important to them.
  • Our Strategic Objective – What the community wants to achieve in the next 10 years.
  • How we will achieve our Strategic Objective – How we will achieve our strategic objectives over the next 4 years and what Council’s role will be. We note if the strategies require us to plan for changes, deliver changes, partner with other stakeholders or advocate on behalf of our community for change. 
  • How we will measure our success – What we will monitor and the information we will collect to show our progress in achieving the strategic objective.
  • Our services – How each of the services we provide to the community will support our strategic objectives.  
An infographic that show the Boroondara Community Plan priorities. These are Parks and Green Spaces, The Environment, Neighbourhood Characted and Heritage, Moving Around, Local Economy, and Community, Services and Facilities.