Your child might like returning to favourite stories again and again, so be prepared to read them over and over. Reading the same story offers children something new each time they hear it and helps their language development and confidence.

Try pointing out selected words or letters and their sounds as you are reading. This helps to reinforce the connection between the written and spoken word. Provide phonemic awareness by pointing out that each letter of the alphabet has a name and a symbol (grapheme) and that each of these letters can create different sounds (phonemes) on their own and with other letters. An alphabet hunt within the story (or while driving or at the supermarket) is a fun way to play with letter recognition.

Reading picture books together encourages discussion about your child’s world and can support conversations around topics like anxiety or emotions. Encourage your child to choose books they would like to read or want to share with you. This is a great way to connect and learn about your child's interests.

More resources

You can find advice for more reading stages on our Literacy and reading resources for families page. We also recommend registering for the 1000 Books Before School program on our 1000 Books Before School page.

For more information and services for you and your child, visit our Preschool 3 to 5 years page.

Digital resources for children

Overdrive eBook collection: access hundreds of great picture book and early reader titles. You can access this through the Overdrive website. You can also download the Libby app to read eBooks on the go.

Kanopy Kids: not just for movies, this service also has over 200 popular picture books that have been animated for a unique storytelling experience. You can access this through the Kanopy Kids website.

Story Box Library: find a wealth of top Australian picture books, read aloud by some of our favourite authors, actors and performers. Make a playlist and settle in for storytime, anytime. You can access this through the Story Box Library website.

Programs for preschool 3 to 5 years

We offer a range of events and activities for children.

To find more events and programs:

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